Nutritional Counseling

Almost 50% of cats and dogs in homes are considered overweight and some obese. Unlike humans, a few extra pounds on our small friends is dangerous to their health long-term. Animals can suffer from weight-related issues such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and joint disease. The staff at Bay Animal Clinic knows that the first step to keeping your pet at a healthy weight is education. Our staff will show you the right foods as well as the proper portions to keep your pet healthy yet not hungry. We offer at our clinic several types of healthy food including lean protein foods, hypoallergenic foods and foods geared towards our senior citizen pets. Another way to keep your pet lean and healthy is by regular exercise. Our pets just want to be with us, whether that is on the couch, in the yard or on a brisk walk! The doctors at Bay Animal Clinic will help you with an exercise plan that will benefit your pet and help them lose weight slowly but steadily until they are back in fighting shape!